Full-service practice management and medical billing service for physicians

Lifting the burden of practice management so you can practice medicine without worry!
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Attention physicians and
office managers:

We remove the hassle and headaches of managing your practice so you can focus on what you do best. Our service will increase your cash flow, lower your operating expenses and give you more free time to enjoy life.

5 Ways helps you:

  1. Speeds up payments from insurance companies.
  2. Frees up staff for other duties.
  3. Keeps up with compliance issues.
  4. Takes the worry out of practice management.
  5. Gives you more free time.

"Since ProBill began handling my billing and collections they have positively affected my bottom line and have more than paid for themselves. I am encouraging you to give them a call and see how they can help you, too."
— Tom Bertuccini, M.D.

of Lafayette was formed by physicians, for physicians, to help you save time, increase cash flow and reduce the stress of having to keep up with the latest insurance company regulations and changes. You and your staff will be free to concentrate on patient care.

The lost revenue we recover for you will
more than pay for the cost of our services!

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